Retaliator Bomber

Large heavy bomber manufactured by Aegis
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Retaliator Bomber
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Retaliator Bomber
Heavy Bomber
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The Aegis Retaliator Bomber is a heavy bomber used by the UEE Military for centuries. Boasting a powerful and versatile rack of torpedoes and an impressive array of anti-fighter turrets, the Retaliator is capable of long-range tactical strikes against installations and Capital-class vessels. It is a key portion of the UEE's power projection, Retaliator squadrons have served with distinction against outlaws, the Vanduul and other enemies of the Empire. The base version of the Retaliator is customizable with additional modules.[1][2]


The vehicle has the option to swap out two central areas of the ship with various different modular rooms. These can fundamentally alter the function and role of the ship.
The ship's 10 guns are on the five manned turrets. The three turrets down the center spine of the ship hold a pair of Size 3 guns each, while the two turrets on top that are left and right of center hold a pair of Size 2 guns each.



Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Retaliator in space - Isometric.jpg
Retaliator in space - Above.jpg
Retaliator in space - Port.jpg
Retaliator in space - Front.jpg
Retaliator in space - Rear.jpg
Retaliator in space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear
Retaliator in SelfLand - Isometric.jpg
Retaliator in SelfLand - Above.jpg
Retaliator in SelfLand - Port.jpg
Retaliator in SelfLand - Front.jpg
Retaliator in SelfLand - Rear.jpg

Series variants

Retaliator Base

Retaliators x2 flying over wintry mountains - Crop.jpg
The Retaliator Base is basically an "empty" ship without any modules installed, allowing the pilot to purchase and install modules to customise their design.


In-universe, the Retaliator was first introduced as a heavy UEE bomber, with the option to swap out various modules to replace functionality coming later. In-game, the modules have been modeled but are waiting on modularity game systems to be implemented.[3]

Front Module Rear Module Name Description
RetaliatorModule Cargo front.jpg
RetaliatorModule Cargo Back.jpg
Cargo Transform your ship into a secure transporter. Each module has lift platforms that lower to the ground for easy loading/off-loading.
RetaliatorModule Dropship.jpg
Dropship With seating for up to twelve troopers that can be easily lowered to the surface, it also comes with easy access to an array of weapon & ammunition storage units.
RetaliatorModule Living Front.jpg
RetaliatorModule Living Back.jpg
Living With these living quarters modules, you can turn your 'Tali' into a home away from home.
RetaliatorModule Torpedo Front.jpg
RetaliatorModule Torpedo Back.jpg
Torpedo The original modules of the Retaliators, the forward bay carries four torpedoes while the rear bay adds two more.

Future Modules

CIG have stated that they hope to have more modules types in the future. These include Bomb Bays,[4] Bounty Hunting, Medical, Salvaging and even recharging stations for the Titan armor.[5]


"Grey" "Invictus Blue & Gold" "Twilight"
Retaliator Grey in space - Isometric.jpg
Retaliator IBlue Gold in space - Isometric.jpg
Retaliator Twilight in space - Isometric.jpg


Pledge price history

Date Pledge cost (USD) Insurance Availability Sale
2020-05-26 275 120 months Time-limited Invictus 2950 [6]


"I had never seen something as devastating or as beautiful as a fleet of Talis lighting up the Tevs."
Ivar Messer[7]

Since its introduction in 2544[8] at the height of the First Tevarin War, the Retaliator has had a distinguished, if conflicted, history. Before Aegis started designing the bomber, researchers performed extensive interviews with military pilots to understand what was lacking in the contemporary bombers of the time. This pilot-centric approach drove the design decisions of what became the Retaliator; a heavy ordnance weapons platform capable of handling both fighters and ground targets. The ship's introduction coincided with the creation of the R27HE "Hull-Shredder" torpedo, which had been rushed to production by the UPE Military's R&D Dept. During the Battle of Idris IV on 30th September 2544, the new torpedoes began to fail, either exploding in their tubes or failing to arm when fired.

Following the deaths of Colonel Tio Koshi and Major Michael Colorry of the Army's 112th Infantry Batallion on the surface, a young, ambitious officer Captain Ivar Messer, then assumed command of the company. He began calling danger-close bombing runs from the fleet's Retaliator bombers while he organized ambush points with the surviving soldiers. For hours, the bombers dumped payload after payload of high-explosive ordnance on the converging Tevarin ground forces, giving Messer the needed opening to turn the tide against the planetary defence system - capturing it for use against the Tevarin fleet[9] and galvanizing his rise to power.

After the Battle of Idris IV, Retaliators became common in recruitment messages for the First Tevarin War. Images were created to help maintain the momentum of that landmark victory, cited by many historians as the turning point in the war.[10] One such image was that of "The Bombing Run", depicding 391st Squadron opening fire against a Tevarin planetary defense system, captured by United Times reporter Renzo Oui on 11th November.[11]

During the First Tevarin War, the 999th Test Squadron were the first to test variants of the Retaliator. Some in command demanded a rush on the needed ships going into active service immediately, but (thanks to his heroics at the Battle of Idris IV) a then Colonel Ivar Messer had enough clout to advise that the variants' deployment be held until the 999 had signed off on them. Historians credit this move with saving hundreds of pilots’ lives. A fatally flawed power transfer unit was discovered and fixed during the testing process.[12]

The Retaliator was at the center of many controversies during the later Messer years, when the Navy decided to use Cluster Missiles against a political activist group hiding in what is now Haven, sparking debate throughout the UEE.[13]

During the Second Tevarin War, the 78th Squadron's CO Captain Jaso Iger commissioned pilots to fly luxury foodstuffs and other contraband aboard Retaliator-As from Terra's southern regions to the squadron's remote base in Ankorum. This frivolity came to a halt when the Retaliator transporting contraband suffered a flame-out during a landing approach. The tower quickly ordered the crew to dump their fuel and dummy munitions in preparation for a crash landing. The order was followed, sending the illicit goods stored in the bomb bay falling around the airbase: two tons of fresh Thorshu crab legs, earning the squadron the nickname "Thundering Thorshu".[14]

The 42nd Squadron came to fame during the Battle of Centauri in 2610, at the culmination of the Second Tevarin War. They used ambush tactics against Corath'thal's fleet by floating dead in their Retaliators near the Jump Point to Elysium, using it as a bottleneck. Captain Alexandra Dunlevy then ordered all ships to take out the enemy's Phalanx Shields. The Tevarin were quick to send out fighters to deal with the foe suddenly in their midst, but the damage was already done. With a significant portion of the Tevarin defensive capabilities then disabled, the UEE carriers renewed their attack, cementing a UEE victory.[15]

The coveted 2783 Retaliator's redesign was led by Juliet Maupin, catching the eye of the UEE Military. She was thus enlisted in creating next generation weaponry for Linton Messer that would later form the basis of Apocalypse Arms.[16]

During the later Messer years, the Navy’s decision to use Cluster Missiles against a political activist group hiding in what is now Haven sparked debate throughout the UEE.[17]

In 2791 at the height of Messer Era tyranny, the 78th Squadron were ordered to equip double-loads of antimatter torpedoes to their Retaliators and destroy an inhabited moon in the Ferron System believed to be the hiding place of a cadre of radicalized rebels. In truth, the residents were tens of thousands of unarmed civilians. Commanding officer Lisa Cahillier defied mission protocol, contacting the base directly, ordering them to surrender their weapons. The residents responded with pleas.

Cahillier held her ground on comms to superiors, refusing to give the order to fire. The commander of the battle group, Admiral Lorna Gestala intervened, giving a final declaration for the 78th to annihilate the target. Cahillier ordered her group to fire, but targeted an asteroid beyond the agro center. The moon’s inhabitants watched the torpedoes sail harmlessly overhead and obliterate the distant target. The bombers made the long, silent flight home to face certain court martial and inevitable execution. On landing, officers were taken away in restraints and enlisted men were confined to quarters on base. The squadron spent roughly 18 months in the stockade and then were freed as heroes by the incoming government under Erin Toi. Squadron 78 was re-established, presented as a symbol of enduring humanity in the face of the most tyrannical orders from the fallen Imperator.[18]

Although the ship was almost synonymous with the reign of Messers and began to see decreased usage as the military distanced itself from that era, the ship began a surprising resurgence in the private sector.[19] Today, Civilians are known to extensively customize surplus Retaliators for non-wartime roles.[20]

In 2944, a mid-air collision between a Retaliator and a Freelancer above New Junction, Lo resulted in the two ships crashing into the Waldren Towers housing development, causing devastation.[21] In 2945, the Mōhio Museum in Kevric City, Angeli hosted the "Avenging Angels" exhibition of the Retaliator through history, featuring the only remaining original model Retaliator, assembled in 2567 and no longer flyable.[22] PopuNation activists protested outside over the installation's depiction of Tevarin culture and "jingoistic" celebration of the Retaliator bomber.[23] The ship won Galactic Tour's "Bomber of the Year" award in 2946.[24]



The Retaliator Bomber became flight ready in Alpha 2.6.0.[25]


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