Weó Kray

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Emperor Kr.ē
Race Xi’an
Gender Female
Role Emperor of the Xi’an Empire
Faction Xi’an
Political Office
Office Emperor
Years Held 501 - ?

Weó Kray ( SRX: U.e’o se Kr.ē (Proper); literally Weó of House Kray; )[1] was the first 'Empress' of the Kray dynasty. She was the first ruler after a 90 year-interregnum (called The Dark).



In 412 CE (Common Era) the Kr'Thak crippled the leadership of the Xi'an by killing 'Empress' Xy.ō and her entire family. The following interregnum lead to chaos and internal struggle for the throne (called the Great Divide). The Kr.ē dynasty ascended to the throne, after a new born child of her line was selected to be Emperor, showing the correct genetic 'markers'.[2]


Shortly after her birth and the end of the 800 years' war against the Kr'Thak, U.e’o was crowned on July 4, 501CE (Common Era). Her regency heralded the Third Imperial Age. Family matriarch IIth se Kr.ē was given provisional power until U.e’o was of age.[2]


She strengthened settlements and military fortifications in systems connected to Kr’Thak, banned Jump Point searching in those systems and tried to minimize contact with Kr'Thak. Her descision lead to the Xi'an expansion away from the Kr'Thak, unknowingly towards human controlled space. Human and Xi'an made it first contact in 2530.