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Century26th Century
Real EquivalentN/A
Human RegimeUPE
Human LeaderIvar Messer
High Advocate
High Secretary
Xi'an EraThird Imperial Age
Xi'an LeaderHouse Kray
ConflictFirst Tevarin War
Conflict 2Xi'an-Human Cold War

Standard Earth Year (SEY): 2545 is best known for the Atrocity at Jata (2545-12-15), providing an opening for High General Ivar Messer's political aspirations. The bombing is first attributed to Tevarin, but soon is pinned on the Xi'an. Messer uses the attack to stoke public fervor to support the creation of the office of Prime Citizen, which later bears fruit in 2546 following further bombings.

Based on information declassified by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2806, Sydney Kamarck posited that Messer actually commissioned the bombings from a fellow veteran of the Battle of Idris IV, Adam Corr.

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