Drake DefenseCon 2951

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Drake DefenseCon 2051.png
Drake DefenseCon 2951
Event TypeIn-game
SubtypeDrake Interplanetary Defence Convention
OrganizerDrake Interplanetary
LocationNew Babbage Interstellar Spaceport
Date startMay 29, 2951 (2951-05-29)
Date endJune 30, 2951 (2951-06-30)
Concept SalesNone
Commemorative ItemsIn-game shirts, hats

In 2951 Drake Interplanetary was, again, not invited to the Invictus Launch Week, so their tagalong event was held from May 29 till May 30 at the New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport and coincided with the end of the 2951 Invictus Launch Week event hold at the Tobin Expo Center in New Babbage.[1]

CEO statement

"Dear faithful Drake customer,

As you may be aware, Invictus Launch Week is underway in New Babbage, microTech. As usual, Drake wasn’t invited to showcase its iconic ships to the wonderful UEE public. Though we won’t grease palms in pursuit of military contracts, we know the defense-minded public would love to see our range of hard-hitting, rough-edged alternatives to the usual suspect’s watered-down navy cast-offs.

Starting now till June 1 at New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport, DefenseCon 2951 is the place to see and test fly everything Drake has to offer, from the iconic do-everything Cutlass to the legendary Caterpillar hauler to the hard-hitting Buccaneer fighter and more.

And to show how much faith we have in our ships, you can still rent and purchase any of the vehicles shown at that other event. Go ahead and test them; we're confident you'll come back to Drake, the only manufacturer in the galaxy who wants to put power back into the hands of the people.

We’ll see you in New Babbage,

Anden Arden, CEO

Drake Interplanetary"

Event activities

The event put on display the following Drake Interplanetary ships:[3]

Holographic displays:



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