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Drake Herald Transmit.jpg
Drake Herald
ManufacturerDrake Interplanetary (DRAK)
SizeSmall (1)
FocusMedium Data
Production stateFlight Ready
Maximum crew1
Cargo capacity0 SCU
REC cost8,500 REC
Pledge cost85 USD
Null-cargo mass66,031 kg
SCM speed174 m/s
Maximum speed1,361 m/s
Length23.5 m
Beam12.5 m
Height9 m

The Drake Herald is a small, armored ship designed to safely get information from Point A to Point B. Featuring a powerful central engine (for high-speed transit and generating the power needed for effective data encryption/containment), advanced encryption software and an armored computer core, the Herald is unique among personal spacecraft in that it is designed to be easily ‘cleaned’ when in danger of capture.[1][2]


Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
TBD S Radar Small (Small) 1 x 1
TBD S Computer Small (Small) 1 x 1
Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
Power Plants
Tyler Design SonicLite Small (Small) 1 x 1
Tyler Design HeatSafe Small (Small) 1 x 2
Ascension Astro Shimmer Small (Small) 1 x 2

Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Fuel Intakes
TBD S Fuel Intake Small (Small) 1 x 2
Fuel Tanks
S Fuel Tank Small (Small) 1 x 2
Quantum Drives
TBD S Quantum Drive Small (Small) 1 x 1
Jump Modules
TBD S Jump Module Small (Small) 1 x 1
Quantum Fuel Tanks
S Quantum Fuel Tank Small (Small) 1 x 1
Component Manufacturer Model Type # per mount x Total
Main Thrusters
Main Thruster N/A 1 x 2
Retro Thruster N/A 1 x 2
Maneuvering Thrusters
Fixed Maneuvering Thruster N/A 1 x 14

Component Manufacturer Model Details Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Klaus & Werner CF-227 Badger Laser Repeater 2 (3) 1 x 1
Klaus & Werner CF-117 Bulldog Laser Repeater 1 (2) 1 x 2
Thermyte Lightfire TaskForce I Behring MSD-341 1 (3) 4 x 2


Armored Computer Core

The computer core runs on a dedicated server that can only be accessed from the secure control terminal inside the ship. It eliminates the threat of remote hacking.[2]

Broadcast Array

The SATA-M6A1 high power broadcast array allows long range data transmission for both communication and emergency purposes.[2]

Data Storage Pods

All data placed inside the data storage pod undergoes a proprietary encryption algorithm. With quick loading access ports, the data storage pods can be detached from the ship for delivery or emergency.[2]

EMP Protection

The Herald is equipped with advanced rated EMP shielding and backup power systems to avoid total power loss in an EMP blast.[2]


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The Herald was the 35,000,000 Dollar Stretch Goal of Star Citizen's Crowfunding campaign. The goal was reached on 2013-12-22. The Herald is designed by Josh Coons and was featured in "Ship Shape" of Around the Verse Episode 2.29 and Episode 3.7.[3][4]

Blue and Red "Variant"

CIG showed a blue and red colored variant of the ship in the Pre-Sale Livestream 2016. According to Jared Huckaby, these skins were only made for presentation.