Star Citizen Wiki Attack on XenoThreat

Attack on XenoThreat

Combat mission from Rowena Dulli
Attack on XenoThreat
Priority General
Type Combat
UEC Pay 33000 + Bonuses
Start Location INS Jericho AO
Mission Giver Rowena Dulli
Requirements XenoThreat dynamic event

Attack on XenoThreat is a dynamic event mission which tasks players to join the Civilian Defense Force in order to fight off a fleet of XenoThreat ships attacking INS Jericho.

Dynamic description

Spoiler content


Attention, Naval forces have regrouped for a final assault on the XenoThreat outlaw pack that have been plaguing Stanton system. The Navy has officially requested for any CDF volunteers to help provide combat support in this final push to secure our system.

SAIC Rowena Dulli from the Advocacy is the official attaché to the CDF and will be running the operation."


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