INS Jericho

UEE naval base in Stanton system
INS Jericho
LocationStanton system    Orbits MicroTech (planet)
TypeSpace station
ClassificationNaval base
Founded2871 CE; 83 years ago (2871)

INS Jericho is a space station in the Stanton System, located close to microTech's lagrangian point 1 (aka MIC L1). It is a naval base, acting as a forward outpost for quick deployment of UEE Navy forces within the Stanton system.[1]

It was completed in 2871 and named after famed squadron leader Amare Jericho. The station is outfitted to provide logistical support, refueling and resupply options for a variety of capital ships, as well as smaller support and combat vessels.[2]


The space station was supposedly implemented with Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.0, which also featured the gas cloud tech. The station was placed within an extensive formation of gas clouds in an attempt to hide it. Shortly after Alpha 3.12.0 was deployed to the "wave 1" PTU, a player / reddit user named Storm Eagle posted multiple pictures on spectrum and reddit.[3] This resulted in many other players attempting to find it.


Its location is not visible on the in-game Starmap, but players can attempt to navigate to it using a set of distance numbers, with which can be triangulated to its location.[1][3]

Hurston Delamar microTech MIC L1
34,253,442 km 34,288,981 km 4,363,317 km 22,027 km

Since Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1 however, the station has its own quantum marker and can be travelled to freely to allow for civilians to support the Navy in the efforts fighting the XenoThreat invasion. The navigation marker only appears during these events.


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