Human xenophobic terrorist faction based in Pyro
XenothreatScreens Phase01 122020.jpg
Headquarters Ruin Station, Terminus, Pyro System
Type Faction
Parent Org Outlaw
Current Leader The Commander
Focus Piracy

XenoThreat is a Human terrorist faction that voices hard-line anti-alien, anti-corporate and revolutionary views. They have been particularly active in response to the passing of the Human-Xi'an Trade Initiative (HuXa) by the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and Xi'an Empire, though the group predates its passage. They are the current controlling power on Ruin Station in Pyro and engage in piracy.[1]


The official XenoThreat banner

In 2944, "recent" Advocacy reports named XenoThreat as the "current pack in control " of Ruin Station in the Pyro system, implying that they had taken control shortly before that year.[1]

During 2950-05, The ASOP terminals at Port Olisar, Stanton were found to be have been hacked, intermittently broadcasting a garbled XenoThreat propaganda speech, in which only the words "People of Stanton" were completely legible.

In early 2951, XenoThreat forces had attacked a corporate convoy in Stanton headed for the Terra system, destroying all cargo and publicly executing the crew as "collaborators of corporate greed". In response, the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) dispatched an armed contingent to deal with the threat.

Stanton Incursion

On 2951-02-04, the same message was re-transmitted (this time in full with video to multiple landing zones) announcing the outlaws' revolutionary campaign beginning in the Stanton system, ostensibly to send a message to the UEE that "we are the ones in charge" and "you will be witnesses". UEEN intelligence reported an indeterminate force on an intercept course for Stanton, due to arrive in less than 48 hours. Advocacy SAIC Rowena Dulli activated the Civilian Defense Force (CDF) to provide support for Naval forces against the imminent incursion.

On 2951-02-05, UEEN's Javelin flagship was being restocked at INS Jericho when their supply convoys came under attack from XenoThreat. SAIC Dulli tasked the CDF with retrieving the lost supplies and providing security for the effort. This came with the complication that all of the supplies were in some way volatile. XenoThreat forces made use of an Idris rail-gun to take cheap shots at the immobilized Javelin.

On 2951-02-11, XenoThreat deployed multiple capital-class vessels to Stanton along with a complement of fighter escorts, in an effort to destabilize the system. The CDF urged anyone with a combat vessel and appropriate training to take up the fight.

On 2951-02-14, the UEE Navy and CDF successfully pushed XenoThreat out of Stanton. The group made a retreat back to their home system of Pyro following a decisive defeat.[2]

"Attention people of Stanton.

A great injustice has been done to you. For decades, the spineless bureaucrats of your government have been selling you and your fellow citizens piece by piece to the alien scum outside our borders and to their corporate masters within. Their greed only matched by the absolute disregard for the values that made Humanity great in the first place. My brothers and sisters have watched them feed on the dying carcass of the Empire for long enough. With the passage of the Human/Xi'an Trade Initiative, it's clear that the government is happy to sell the final parts of Humanity into servitude.

The time has come to send a message. That we will not consume their lies anymore. That we are the ones in charge. Stanton will be the first step in a revolution to take back the soul of the Empire. You will be witnesses.

We are XenoThreat.


Bases of operation

Xenothreat's only known base is Ruin Station in the Pyro system but they are only known to operate within the Stanton system on a combat stance.

System Location Base Name
Pyro Ruin Station

Faction-specific items

Lamont Umbra Undersuit (Xenothreat)Hardin Tactical
ORC-mkX Arms (Modified) (XenoThreat) (Set 4)Clark Defense Systems
ORC-mkX Core (Modified) (XenoThreat) (Set 4)Clark Defense Systems
ORC-mkX Helmet (Modified) (XenoThreat) (Set 4)Clark Defense Systems
ORC-mkX Legs (Modified) (XenoThreat) (Set 4)Clark Defense Systems
Odyssey II Helmet Slate (Xenothreat)Roberts Space Industries
The Butcher Helmet (XenoThreat)Doomsday
TrueDef-Pro Core CDFVirgil Ltd

Ship roster



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