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Rowena Dulli

Character in Star Citizen
Rowena Dulli
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2950 (before)
Role Special Agent In Charge
Faction Advocacy

Rowena Dulli is a special agent working for the United Empire of Earth (UEE) Advocacy. She also serves as the official attaché to the Civilian Defense Force (CDF).[1] During the 2951 XenoThreat crisis she served as the point of contact for the civilian counter-operation.

She was born and raised in Orison and served with distinction in the UEE Navy as a logistics officer until she was recruited by the Marines where she served another tour. Since joining the Advocacy, she has quickly risen through the ranks as a proven investigator and field agent. She volunteered to take over as Advocacy attaché to the CDF in 2948 and believes that the CDF is a vital part of the UEE and is proud to assist in their efforts.[2]




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