August Dunlow

Founder of Crusader Industries
August Dunlow
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2770
Died unknown (after 2849)
Job Title Founder / CEO
Workplace Crusader Industries

August Dunlow was the founder of Crusader Industries and major philanthropist.

Early life

Born on Angeli in the Croshaw system in 2770,[1] he was orphaned in the aftermath of the bloody Khanos Stadium coup that ousted Imperator Messer X. Saved from the streets by a local charity, Dunlow was able to pursue his academics while volunteering in his spare time. Upon graduating from University of Angeli, he became a prominent anti-Messer activist and civil rights advocate pushing for government reform.[2]

Crusader Industries

August founded Crusader Industries in 2799 on the principle that a business truly thrives when it gives back to society. Today you stand among these majestic clouds thanks to his incredible vision that a company can be both financially profitable and a force for good.[2]

"What good are profits if they don’t lead to progress?"
August Dunlow[3]

Post-CEO career

After spending five decades as CEO of Crusader, Dunlow stepped down to focus on supporting his philanthropic pursuits full-time. The August Dunlow Foundation has committed credits and resources to dozens of charities around the Empire. Meanwhile, the Dunlow Fellows has donated millions in scholarships to underprivileged and underrepresented students to help unlock the potential for future business and scientific leaders.[1]



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