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System Ellis
Planet Green

A world of nothing but beachfront property, you would expect all eyes on Green to be focused on the stunning ocean views. Instead, you know to keep your eyes pointed towards the sky. While the luxury towers and mega-resorts of Aydo will impress with their world renowned hospitality, the real draw is what is happening overhead — Murray Cup racing.

Universally renowned, the New Horizon track is home to some of the most white-knuckle racing done on the Murray Cup circuit. Grab a front row seat in one of the many casinos or lounges that hover close by and enjoy some window-rattling action. When the race is over, keep the excitement going and visit the MCR Museum to revel in 500 years of full throttle history.[1]

"People argue about what makes flying at New Horizon so dangerous. Truth is, it’s how damn beautiful the place is. Talk about distracting."

Paulio Nefford, Murray Cup Pilot[1]