Encole Station

Research station orbits Ellis VI in the Ellis system
Encole Station
LocationEllis system    Orbits Ellis VI
TypeSpace station
ClassificationResearch station

The Encole Station near Ellis VI is a space station.

"This small science station is in geostationary orbit of Ellis VI, for this purpose of researching terraforming techniques to expand to the point that planets farther and farther from a star will be able to someday support a human biosphere.

The population of scientists are always eager to purchase luxury goods to while away the time spent at their thankless tasks."
Galactic Guide: Ellis [1]

"Thanks to several government grants and private donors, this scientific station was constructed in 2931 to perform habitation studies on Ellis VI."


  • The Station exists on the Starmap since beginning, but had no description and was just named Science Station until 2018. It was named and a description was added.[2][3]


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