Super-Earth in the Ellis system
Kampos : Ellis IV
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Ellis system
└─ Orbiting Ellis (star)
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Ellis IV or Kampos is an Ocean planet and Super-Earth in the Ellis System.

It was the first world settled in the system and it remains the most populated planet. It is also the only planet in the Ellis System with an economy that revolves around anything but racing. Kampos is a high-gravity ocean world stocked with all manner of sealife. The planet itself is named after a particularly large sea creature (though not one of the many whose harvested meat is available for export). Kampos' high gravity also gave rise to the evolution of flatcats, which formed the basis of a brief fad in the UEE core worlds. The world is frequently called Seahorse by the locals, so-named for the appearance of some of the high-gravity sea monsters harvested by native fishermen.


The planet is named after the Kamposi Magnus predator, which was named by his first describer: Vira Kamposi.[1][2]


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