Ocean Planet in the Ellis system
Green : Ellis III
ClassificationOcean Planet
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
SenatorFessel Quinn, Yori Co
LocationUEE space
Ellis system
└─ Orbiting Ellis (star)
Landing Zones1

Green, Ellis' third planet, is the most recent to be terraformed. Located on the edge of the system's inhabitable green zone (hence the imaginative name), the world was purpose-constructed as a resort world to cater to visitors interested in the Murray Cup. A terraformed ocean world, the planet is dotted with luxury towers and mega-resorts. Due to the fact that Green was terraformed, it has no native sea life. Attempts to transport species from Kampos and Earth have met with abject failure.[1]

Landing Zones


To preserve the world's elaborate underwater reefs, only a single landing zone is allowed, in the coastal city of Aydo[1]

Aydo is home to the Murray Cup track New Horizon.[2] The track runs close to Murray Tower, which contains a luxury restaurant with a '5 star view' of the racecourse.[3]



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