Terrestrial Rocky in the Ellis system
Noble : Ellis V
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Ellis system
└─ Orbiting Ellis (star)
Natural Satellites2

The outermost of Ellis' three populated planets, Noble (Ellis V) is a mid-sized forest world. The planet is largely unremarkable, with corporate dictates requiring that most of the surface be preserved as-is. A single spaceport near the south polar region allows visitors to explore a beautiful landscape reminiscent of an undeveloped Earth. Two moons make for an especially beautiful landscape at night, although there is a consistent fear that urban development will spread on the world to support the ever increasing number of race fans traveling to the system.[1]

Landing Zones


A popular destination with outdoor-seekers, Bearton's architecture is built high into the trees to penetrate the world's dense forest canopies.[2]

Natural Satellites

Ellis 5a

The regolith of this moon is slightly pink, making it a popular subject for lunar photography.

Ellis 5b

A tidally locked moon, the planet-facing side is pristine while the star-facing side is pocked with craters.


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