Beacon (community event)

Belgian Star Citizen convention

Be@con is a community event organized by Be@con Events ASBL, it aims to promote digital arts, and the creation of social, cultural and pedagogic links. It proposes an environment, activities, guests, all in relation with Star Citizen.[1]


Originating from Belgian Bar Citizen events, a small group of Star Citizen players decided to create larger scale events, leading to the creation of the association Be@con Events ASBL.[1]

The first edition in 2022 welcomed over 1000 people over 2 days, with stands to play not just Star Citizen but also Digital Combat Simulator and Flight Simulator, and guests including Brian Chambers, Pedro Camacho, Thorsten Leimann, Ulf Kürschner, community members such as ATMO Esports, JRDF, StarJump, Chris Harrow, Thomas Eberhard, Pulsar 42, MGG, and various streamers.[2][1]

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