Brian Chambers

Vice President of Development at Cloud Imperium Games
Brian Chambers

Brian Chambers is Vice President of Development at Cloud Imperium Games.

Work at CIG

Brian Chambers started the Foundry 42 office in Germany with 7 people in 2015 as development director where he focused on building up the team in conjunction with working with Erin Roberts on global development. Around mid 2019 with the arrival of a studio manager as part of the restructuration of the company due to growth, he was able to focus more on development and became Vice President of Development.

Following end of year discussions in 2019 about the need for more dedicated focus on Squadron 42 he became primarily focused on Squadron 42.[1]

Other works

He went to the California Institute of the Arts after which he did special effects for movies and tv for about 6 years where he worked among others on Star Trek Voyager. He progressively worked more and more digitally.

He worked on Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles where he worked with motion capture.

After that he went to work at Shiny Entertainment on Enter the Matrix with the Wachowski's on the cinematics for the cutscenes.

He later went to Rockstar San Diego as Animation Director on Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club, Grand Theft Auto.

With several other people he started a company which got acquired by THQ. He ended up working at the corporate office of THQ as animation and art director on UFC and WWE.

He went to work for Crytek in Frankfurt on Ryse where he became Senior Producer.[2][3]


  • A feature he would like in Star Citizen that isn't currently planned is dragons.
  • His favorite PC game of all time is Full Throttle.
  • His favorite moon to land on is the pink one.[4]

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