Bounty hunting

Profession to hunt target for reward

Bounty hunting is a profession in which the player is tasked by various organizations to hunt down either hostile NPCs or other players. Currently bounties are limited to simply killing your target, however there are plans to introduce taking live bounties later on in development.


Bounty hunting uses the reputation system introduced in Alpha 3.12.0 where the player can earn certifications, ranks, and perks by completing contracts. There are currently three organizations you can receive bounties from and increase rank in: Crusader Security, Hurston Security, and Northrock Service Group, all overseen by the Bounty Hunters Guild.

Unlocking bounties

To begin bounty hunting, one must first earn their Tracker Training Permit which will grant them the ability to apprehend very low-risk targets (VLRT) upon completion. From there, they may fly to either Hurston or Crusader to complete the Bounty Hunter Contractor Evaluation and Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment respectively. Completion of these will then unlock bounties in their respective jurisdictions, the highest level available depending on what your overall Bounty Hunters Guild certification is. Higher level certification evaluations will be made available after completing enough bounties.

The difficulty of the bounty targets are categorised into a variety of risk levels. The risk levels are Very Low-Risk Target (VLRT), Low-Risk Target (LRT), Medium-Risk Target (MRT), High-Risk Target (HRT), Very High-Risk Target (VHRT), and Extreme-Risk Target (ERT).

Ranking up & perks

As stated, completing contracts for one of the three aforementioned organizations will allow you progress through their ranks and earn payment bonuses at certain ranks. However, failing contracts will result in reputation going down, which can result in a demotion in rank if low enough. Currently, ranks/certifications can be tracked via the mobiGlas journal where you will find entries stating your rank, current pay bonus, and what the next rank is.


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