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Burner Zeke

Founder of Dumper's Depot franchise
Burner Zeke
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2875
Role CEO and Founder of Dumper's Depot
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status Citizen
Current Employment
Occupation CEO and Founder of Dumper's Depot
Employer Dumper's Depot

Ezekiel Chikamoto, better known as Burner Zeke, is the founder of Dumper's Depot.[1][2][3]


Zeke was born in 2875 to a middle-class family living in Fujin City on planet Saisei in Centauri. Due to the high cost of living on Saisei in the 29th century, his parents often refused to buy him and his brother brand new products. Because of this, Zeke developed an interest in recycling, repairing, and rebuying goods early on in his life.[3]

After achieving Equivalency, he opened his own scrapyard in 2894.[3]

Zeke originally didn't plan to expand his business. His first employee, Dayton Ferro, needed to relocate to Yar in 2902. Zeke gave permission to Ferro to use his brand as long as Ferro agreed to use Zeke's business practices. More franchises soon followed, and Dumper's Depot became a big player in the recycling industry.[3]


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