Dumper's Depot

Human company in the raw materials and used parts industry
Dumpers Depot.svg
Dumper's Depot
IndustryRaw materials and used parts
HeadquartersFujin City, Saisei, Centauri
FounderBurner Zeke
Founded2894 CE; 60 years ago (2894) in Fujin City, Saisei, Centauri

Dumper's Depot is a raw materials and used parts dealer. They advertise buying, among other things, salvage, ore, spacesuits, weapons and artifacts. Dumper's Depot also supplies factories. The company was founded in 2894 by Burner Zeke.

Store Locations

ArcCorp Area18, Zone 2
GrimHEX Between hab blocks B and C
Levski Grand Barter Bazaar

Items For Sale

Propulsion & Thrusters
Component Manufacturer Model Size Grade Class Fuel/1M km (Units) MaxDist/Spool (M km) Price (UEC)
RSI Eos 1 C Civilian 97 862968 3950
RAMP Drift 1 C Stealth 87 103938 4750



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