Cara Webster

Character in Star Citizen
Cara Webster
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2946 (before)
Role Crew of UEES Stanton
Actor Sophie Wu
Job Title Chief Mechanic
Workplace UEES Stanton
Military Service
Rank Petty Officer / Lieutenant
Branch UEE Navy
Years of Service 2946 (before) - Present

Cara 'Web' Webster is the Chief Mechanic on the UEES Stanton in 2946. She appears in Squadron 42.[1][2] She is portrayed by actress Sophi Wu.

In the Vertical Slice, Webster has just completed upgrades on the scanner systems of both the Player and Old Man's Gladius fighters before the two depart on the mission.


In The Morrow Tour, Webster is rude to the player and seems uninterested, but in the Vertical Slice, she is incredibly happy and helpful. It isn't clear whether this is a change in her character's writing since The Morrow Tour aired, or a canonical change in her demeanor as the game progresses. Morrow's comments about Web seem to suggest the latter.



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