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The Cyclone Series is a series of ground vehicles by Tumbril Land Systems [1]



The Cyclone is the basic cargo-carrying version of the cyclone


Designed for militia and security use, the Cyclone TR module features upgraded armor and a single Human-operated turret capable of mounting a Size 1 weapon and a responsive 360° field of fire


For those who like to push the limits of speed, the Cyclone RC features a modified intake system to allow for controlled bursts of speed as well as tools to customize handling.


Stay mobile and aware with the Cyclone RN. This light reconnaissance vehicle is the perfect solution for scouting runs, providing fast and detailed scans of terrain as well as beacon placement.


A battlefield equalizer, the Cyclone AA comes equipped with a surface-to-air missile and countermeasure package to provide cover for ground troops against airborne targets.[2]


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