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Hull A and Hull C in-flight

The MISC Hull series of ships is a series of utilitarian cargo haulers that have the highest cargo capacity in their class, but sacrifice defenses and extra features. The MISC series is an inter-connected system of ships designed around the same principles and intended to share the same equipment and maintenance processes.[1]

For most of the concern’s history, the majority of MISC’s business has come from the production output of its heavy industrial division. MISC-HI is chiefly responsible for the Hull series range of configurable bulk transport spacecraft that have become ubiquitous in UEE space. These sturdy, modular hulls are the basis for the majority of Human corporate shipping. Their unexpected popularity among the Xi’an has spawned an unlikely business relationship (and a string of imitators on the other side of the border).[2]

New Hull series lineup.

MISC has created the Hull A through E to provide countless options for every type of merchant: from the single-person Hull A to the super-massive Hull E bulk freighter, there’s a Hull for every job. Each ship includes a manned cab, a drive unit and a telescoping cargo spindle. When laden, the spindle expands to accept cargo pallets; while unloaded, the spindle retracts for faster, more maneuverable travel[1]

When the line launched in 2802, four standard models ranged in size from the efficient Hull A to the gargantuan Hull D. The Hull series quickly revolutionized interstellar freight, leading to the standardization of dockyards and cargo processes around the UEE. This led to long-ranging knock-on effects, including over a dozen outside companies being founded or significantly shifting focus to support the Hull design, such as Argo Astronautics launching its MPUV line of short-range cargo ferries.

In 2820, MISC developed a fifth ‘super-freighter’, the Hull E, which has since become the de facto interplanetary bulk goods transporter, with docks around the galaxy moving cargo containers back and forth from the huge ships around the clock[2]


Series Variants

Hull A

Hull-A taking off from Aberdeen outpost.jpg
The MISC Hull A is a small, efficient cargo hauler, and is the smallest of the Hull series. Featuring a retracting external cargo spindle and powerful engines, this ship has the largest cargo capacity in its size class. Care should be taken in dangerous systems without an escort, as the Hull A lacks significant offensive or defensive capabilities. Additionally, the Hull A (and B) are often used as surface-to-orbit ferries.[3]
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Hull-A in space - Isometric.jpg
Hull-A in space - Above.jpg
Hull-A in space - Port.jpg
Hull-A in space - Front.jpg
Hull-A in space - Rear.jpg
Hull-A in space - Below.jpg

Hull B

The Hull B is a more rugged option most often compared to MISC’s own Freelancer. But where the Freelancer is equipped for long range exploration and other roles, the Hull B is a pure cargo transport.

Hull C

Hull-C flying through nebula cloud - Cut.png
As the most-produced ship in the Hull range, the MISC Hull C is widely regarded as the most common and versatile vessel in the galaxy. Designed to occupy the middle ground between smaller, single-person transports and the massive super freighters that dominate the market, the Hull C offers expansive modularity while retaining a degree of maneuverability. With its exceptional configurability, the Hull C is the go-to choice for freighter captains seeking a reliable and adaptable cargo transport solution. Its reputation for defensibility and adaptability has made it the standard for transport jobs across known space. [4]
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Hull-C in space - Isometric.jpg
Hull-C in space - Above.jpg
Hull-C in space - Port.jpg
Hull-C in space - Front.jpg
Hull-C in space - Rear.jpg
Hull-C in space - Below.jpg

Hull D

The Hull D kicks off the larger end of the spectrum with a massive ship built around a rugged frame.

Hull E

The ultimate edition of the Hull series. A ship so massive it requires proper planning and preparation for the trips it will make.

Paints (Hull A)

Paints (Hull C)

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