Argo Astronautics

Human company in the spacecraft manufacture industry
Argo Astronautics - JP0904.svg
Argo Astronautics
IndustrySpacecraft manufacture
ProductsIndustrial spacecraft, passenger transportation spacecraft
Manufacturer codeARGO
HeadquartersMars, Sol
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
FounderAlana Redmond
Founded2243 CE; 711 years ago (2243) on Earth, Sol
FormerlyAR-Go Technologies (2243 – ?), Argo Transportation (? – 2665)

Argo Astronautics is an industrial manufacturing company that focuses on industrial equipments and small utility vehicles. They are partners with the UEE Navy and Shubin Interstellar.[1][2][3]

Before changing their name, the company was known as AR-GO Technologies, with the 'AR' referencing founder Alana Redmond.[4]


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