Size 1 grade B industrial quantum drive manufactured by Juno Starwerk
Juno Starwerk - Colossus - Grey background.png
ManufacturerJuno Starwerk (JUST)
SizeSmall (1)
TypeIndustrial (B)
UEC cost16,150

The Juno Starwerk Colossus is a size 1 grade B industrial quantum drive.[1]

Product description

Juno Starwerks makes quantum drives that can go the distance and the Colossus is no exception. Though, once you experience its dependable performance for yourself, you might just want to call it exceptional.

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.9.1.

Location Store Price (UEC)
Levski Dumper's Depot 16,150
New Babbage Omega Pro 16,150
Port Olisar Dumper's Depot 16,150
R&R CRU-L1 Platinum Bay 16,150


  1. Datamined from Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.5
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