Size 3 grade C industrial quantum drive manufactured by Juno Starwerk
ManufacturerJuno Starwerk (JUST)
SizeLarge (3)
TypeIndustrial (C)
UEC cost93,288−112,923

The Juno Starwerk Kama is a size 3 grade C industrial quantum drive. It has won more "Fan Favorite" reader's poll from 'Long Haul Quarterly' than any other industrial quantum drive in its class.[1]

Default Loadouts

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.9.1.

Location Store Price (UEC)
Area18 Dumper's Depot 93,288
Baijini Point Platinum Bay 109,750
Levski Dumper's Depot 112,923
Port Olisar Dumper's Depot 109,750


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