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The United Earth Credit (UEC) is the official currency of the United Empire of Earth since the 26th century. The currency is administered by the Central Core Bank.


Before the introduction of the UEC, the official currency of UPE was the Cash Transaction Records. Rapid expansion challenged that system and planets begun to introduce their own currencies. As a response, in spring 2528, High Secretary Livia Fenner assembled a commission of economists, financial consultants and OMB officials to explore possible solutions. The UEC was introduced on August 20, 2528 [1] or 2529.[2] It lead to a wave of protests called the 'Unified Currency Riot.'

Unified Currency Riot

The riot broke out in Jata on Cestulus (Davien II) in 2529 (according to the Galactapedia) after the UEC was introduced to the UPE market. It started when a private security officer fired into a crowd near the local SSN/CAtv headquarters. Finally, the military intervened and crushed the protests. Two weeks of protest, riot and looting resulted in 'hundreds' of injured and 'several' dead human casualties.[3]


The Banu Protectorate took an interest in the process, as they had been looking for a solution to the competing currencies in their own planet-governments.[1]

Imperator Galor Messer IX conceived the idea of renaming UECs as ‘Imperials,’ a designation still in use today.[1]


In Alpha 2.4.0, Alpha UEC is introduced to test out economy balance, item pricing, mission rewards, and more for future releases.[4] In the game, and on this wiki, it is often referred to as "aUEC".


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