26th Century

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26th Century

This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 26th Century in the Star Citizen universe.

2501 - 2525

Date Type Event
2508 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Terra system.[1]
2510 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Hadrian system.[citation needed]
2515 Exploration Unofficial discovery of Hades system by the crew of the Merry Crow, and subsequent discovery of the extinct Hadesian species.[2]
2516 Exploration Founding of Prime, Quasi, and New Austin on Terra.[1]
2522 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Baker system.[3]
2523 Political Formation of the United Planets of Earth.[4]
2524 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Tayac system by a UPE pilot.[5]
2525-03-10 Political The Common Laws Initiative is introduced by Senator Nomi Rao, which outlines the fundamental personal freedoms and standardized safety practices in the UPE. The legislation is passed nearly a year later.[6][7]

2526 - 2550

Date Type Event
2528 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Horus system by navjumper Marie Sante.[8]
2528-08-20 Political Introduction of the United Earth Credit.[9]
2530 First Contact First contact with the Xi'an.[10]
2530 Political Beginning of the 259-year Xi'an Cold War, which will last until 2789-05-29.
2530 Commercial Basilisk founded by Simone Visconti and Bernard Pak.
2532 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Odin system.[11]
2533 Exploration

Discovery of the first jump point to the Idris system by the crew of Ika'Roa.[12]

UEE Military starts to terraform Magnus II.[13]

2534 Exploration Discovery of Hades system officially registered by the Dynamo Corporation.[2]
2536 Commercial Tumbril Land Systems incorporated.
2538 Exploration First jump point to the Charon system discovered by Max Keaton.[14]
2539 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Gurzil system by Dahunsil Kosoko.[citation needed]
2541-11-15 First Contact Discovery of the first jump point to the Elysium system by Dr. Kellar Lench, who subsequently makes first contact with the indigenous Tevarin.[15]
2542 Conflict The First Tevarin War begins after UPE attempts at diplomatic relations and trade agreements with the Tevarin fail.
2543-08-12 Conflict The UEES Gilchrist, under command by Hester Polaris, is ambushed by a Tevarin srike fleet.[16]
2544 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Castra system by UPE military pathfinders.[17]
2544-09-30 13:45 SET Conflict Operation Nemesis begins.[18]
2544-10-01 Conflict The Battle of Idris IV occurs.[18]
2545-12-15 12:00 SET Conflict The Atrocity at Jata occurs: three Xi'an bombs are set off in Jata.[19]
2546-02 Conflict Explosion in Tram, caused by the same types of bombs as used in the Atrocity at Jata two months earlier.[19]
2546 Conflict The First Tevarin War ends.
2546 Political Formation of the United Empire of Earth.

Ivar Messer becomes the first Imperator of the UEE. The 246-year Messer Era begins.

2546 Conflict First 'weapon test' of Project Vespa on Tayac I.
2550 Commercial Gold Horizon founded.[20]

2551 - 2575

Date Type Event
2554 Commercial Behring consortium founded by Evan Behring.
2558 Commercial Kruger Intergalactic founded by Ozell Kruger.
2571 Conflict Fall of the battle carrier UEES Olympus.[21]

2576 - 2600

Date Type Event
2578 Celebrities Artist Aaron Fring born.
2582 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Nyx system by Carla Larry.
2587 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Cano system.
2599 Commercial Casse Aerospace founded by Leonard Casse.[22]


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