Drake DefenseCon 2952

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Drake DefenseCon 2051.png
Drake DefenseCon 2952
Event TypeIn-game
SubtypeDrake Interplanetary Defence Convention
OrganizerDrake Interplanetary
LocationAugust Dunlow Spaceport
Date startMay 28, 2952 (2952-05-28)
Date endMay 29, 2952 (2952-05-29)
Concept SalesNone
Commemorative ItemsIn-game shirts, hats

In 2952 Drake Interplanetary was, for yet another year, not invited to the Invictus Launch Week, so their tagalong event was held from May 28 till May 29 at the August Dunlow Spaceport and coincided with the end of the 2952 Invictus Launch Week event hold at the Vision Center in Orison.[1]

With pirates regularly crossing from Pyro into Stanton, the dreaded Ninetails sowing discord in Crusader airspace, and the Navy preoccupied with fighting the Vanduul (and throwing parties), there’s never been a better time to go fully independent. And you know Drake’s got your back.

Drake DefenseCon is back for two days of ships, vehicles, and components from the only manufacturer that puts your protection and personal freedom above all else. Come on down to August Dunlow Spaceport to get a load of infamous legends, fan favorites, and the latest and greatest from Drake Interplanetary. Power to the People.


Event activities

The event unveiled a new vehicle in the Drake range and put in display the following vehicles[3]

Hographic displays:



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