Edward Aemile

Character in Star Citizen
Edward Aemile
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Senator (C-Aremis-Vega Sys)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizenship
Current Employment
Occupation Politician
Political Office
Office Senator pro tempore
Years Held 2945-11-11 - Present
Party Centralist
Constituency Aremis
System Vega

Edward Javier Aemile is human Citizen of the UEE and member of the Centralist Party and first proclaimed Senator of Aremis pro tempore. He was formally recognized by Imperator Kelos Costigan on the Senate meeting on 2945-11-11.


In his earlier political Life, Aemile was member of Vega II's representation committee. After the Attack on Vega II in October 2945, the UEE decided to recognize Vega II under this new name, Aremis, with a seat in the senate.

His first act was calling a vote on the Imperator's formal declaration of war against the Vanduul. He declared that the Polo Initiative was rejected by the Citizens and critized the senate for delaying the declaration of war in a "circular debate for weeks".[1]

Later he organized the drafting of a bill for more disaster relief funds for Aremis.[2]



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