Attack on Vega II

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New Corvo on Vega II in Ruins

"We interrupt your spectrum programming for urgent breaking news. We have just learned of a major Vanduul raid in the Vega system.

Details are still coming in, but we have received early comms indicating that the Navy border fleet is currently engaged with a massive Vanduul force outside of Aremis' orbit. No firm word yet on what could be heavy military and civilian losses.

To repeat, there has been a large-scale Vanduul incursion into the Vega System directly above Vega II. Not much is known at the moment; we have been trying to establish contact with our local affiliate but have had no success so far. We suspect that the array grid has been severely damaged in the fight."
Beck Russum, The Empire Report, 2945-10-05[1]

An emergency warning is transmitted to mobiGlases in New Corvo, Aremis - a basic non-flight advisory pending details. The civil defense sirens start up, then the attack begins.[2]

"Next thing I knew, I opened my eyes to find the city awash in flame and smoke. A body, charred beyond recognition, stared vacantly at me. As I pushed myself away, I realized that everything was muffled, like the world's volume had been turned down. I shakily got to my feet and turned to look at what had knocked me out. It was a crumpled Aurora, still smoldering from plasma blasts. I could taste ash in my throat. My eyes burned from the thick clouds of pulverized concrete and smoke as I stumbled down Mackelroy. With each step, the ringing in my ears subsided. I didn't know where I was going. Neither did anyone else. We were scattered. Crazed. Scared."
Sean Nazawa, Aremis Post: New Corvo in Ruins, 2945-10-06[2]

Local law enforcement and private civilians battle above the city, while others try to flee. Attacks occur planet-wide.

New Corvo police units on survivor escort duty usher civilians to Saint Aerik's Hospital, which by now is already overflowing.[2]

"People slumped on the floors, covered in dust and blood. Screams and sobs echoed over the shouts of medics and doctors as they struggled in the smoke to save lives. It was tough to tell who was dead and who wasn't."

2nd Fleet in orbit above Vega II

The 2nd Fleet mass above the planet, near the Vega-Virgil jump point. Commanded by Admiral Ernst Bishop, who has served along this front for some time, the group of ships includes a Bengal carrier, several destroyers and a handful of smaller capital ships.

Three hours later, the explosions subside. The main Vanduul force has been repelled, and Admiral Bishop has won.

When morning comes, fires are still burning out of control. Comms are down.

Admiral Bishop, the "Hero of Vega", goes planetside to survey the destruction personally.

The UEE Disaster Response Team announcement outlines their protocol for contacting missing relatives.[2]

"They say it could have been worse. That if Admiral Bishop's fleet had not pushed the Vanduul back, the destruction would have been more severe. I don't know if I can believe that."

Some in the UEE find the events surrounding the Attack on Vega II to be suspicious.[3]

In response to the attack, Admiral Ernst Bishop gave a speech during an emergency session of the UEE Senate, urging the UEE to stage a full war against the Vanduul.[4]


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