Terrestrial Rocky in the Vega system
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Aremis : Vega II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
SenatorEdward Aemile pro tempore
LocationOrbits Vega (star)
Natural Satellites2
Landing Zones1

Truly stunning for an inhabited world, Aremis is orbited by a set of planetary rings that contain a number of small shepherd moons. The planet's biosphere, while adapted for Human comfort in the terraformation process, evolved naturally and gave rise to a significant amount of flora and fauna which still survive.[1]

Attack on Vega II

Aremis:Vega II was subject to a massive Vanduul attack on 2945-10-05 that brought about the UEE's call for war with the Vanduul.[2][3] The attack has crippled the planet's infrastructure but numerous aid and rebuilding ventures are being undertaken by both the altruistic and the canny.[4]

Prior History

Aremis was the second planet settled in the Vega system. For most of its 'life,' Vega II existed as home for a series of naval and other military bases, as well as a popular location for shore leave. The planet plays host to significant bases for all four services, including one of the oldest Army facilities, Camp (General Chester C.) Manheim. That dynamic has changed in recent years. Aremis has benefited the most from the recent population boom, resulting in several small cities of note and the development of much farmland. This influx of population has invigorated the system after being named a 'planet to watch' by the New United.

Many economists speculate that Vega II will surpass its sister planet, Selene, within a few years, and soon exceed Selene's stature even back in the height of its expansion. The local Governors Council has also aggressively been pursuing an application for recognition by the Senate. They have even taken steps to procure freelance mercenaries to support and reinforce local police and militia to diminish their crime stats.[1]

Landing Zones

New Corvo

A bay city surrounded by deep forests and lowlands, New Corvo is generally called the 'gateway into Aremis' as this is where most of the military transports leave to go out of orbit and soldiers come for shore leave. The city was nearly destroyed during the Attack on Vega II.

Natural Satellites

Vega 2A

The inner border of Aremis' rings is shepherded by this reflective moon.

Vega 2B

This shepherd moon gives the rings of Aremis a sharply defined outer edge.



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