Exotic Ship Manufacturers Council

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Exotic Ship Manufacturers Council
Type Alliance
Founded in 2941 CE; 12 years ago (2941)
Focus Ship Manfacturer

The Exotic Ship Manufacturers Council (ESMC) represents a wide range of companies producing everything from the ARGO utility vehicle to AopoA's Khartu-al. The Council's goal is to raise awareness about the diverse array of ships being crafted throughout the universe.[1]


The ESMC was formed after the 2941 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo when Crusader Industries and Consolidated Outland were unable to get space in the main Expo hall to display their ships. By uniting together and forming a coalition with other more unique manufactures they were able to return in 2942 and rent the entirety of the main hangar to highlight their diverse array of ships and vehicles. The alliance has stayed firm ever since, as the increased exposure has brought intriguing and unusual ships, like the Banu-crafted Merchantman, to a wider audience.[1]


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