Fire Rats

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Fire Rats
Headquarters Pyro
Type Faction
Parent Org Outlaw
Founded in 2563 CE; 391 years ago (2563)
Focus Piracy

Fire Rats is a cult-like Outlaw pack headquartered at Ruin Station in the Pyro system. They are currently trying to wrestle the control of Ruin Station from XenoThreat. Fire Rats ship liveries are red and orange.[1]

They are a roving band of shipjackers attacking ships that have been hit by solar flares.[2]

There are secrets about the Fire Rats for the players to discover for themselves.[2]


The Fire Rats started as a group of survivors who found themselves stranded on Bloom after Pyrotechnic Amalgamated went bankrupt in 2563. Forced to cobble together a life for themselves, they took over their former barracks. It is rumored that when resources began to run low, a large cargo ship that had been hit by a powerful solar flare crashed near their settlement, granting them a bounty of supplies. This is believed to be the origin of their reverence for Pyro's star and its especially violent solar activity.[2][3]


One of the Fire Rat’s initiation rites involves exposing oneself to a solar flare as a form of purification and they have burns from it.[2][4]

“Enlightened” members of the gang often visit Pyro II during times of intense solar flares to commune with the Prophet.[4]

The Fire Rats’ beliefs surrounding the Prophet remain a closely held secret.[4]


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