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Pyro system

Unclaimed single star system
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Pyro system
System TypeSingle Star
Size17 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence-Flare-M
Discovered in2469 (data)
2493 (visited)
Discovered byRoustabout Watch Officer (data)
Pyrotechnic Amalgamated Explorer (visited)
Jump Points7
Space Stations1

The Pyro system is a desolate, lifeless star system crippled by a prolonged nova phase. It is the home of pirate outpost Ruin Station. The system was first visited in 2493, forty-four years after the first traveller suspected something was there. Original Systems' Arena Commander Dying Star-map is located between Pyro I and Pyro II.[1] Pyro's sun went into a prolonged nova phase long before mankind reached for the stars and little is known of the original makeup of the system. Six burned-out planets remain, none of which are capable of supporting life. Every planet in the system is at some level of decay. Any improperly shielded spacecraft will sustain residual damage from Pyro's star while making transit through the system.[2]


In 2469, the watch officer of the Roustabout, an Earth-flagged tanker ship moving through the Cano system, noted a gravitic anomaly thirty thousand kilometers off the transport's port bow. A detailed report was sent to the ship's corporate owners and Pyro's eventual namesake, Pyrotechnic Amalgamated, but no action was taken. Years later, when Pyrotechnic was seeking new mining territories, they began reviewing old scan records when it noted the original report from the Roustabout. They dispatched an explorer to the region only to formally discover Pyro and chart its environs. This survey simply noted the overall disarray of the planetary system, the difficulty of finding transportable resources and the unlikelihood of successfully terraforming anything there.[1]

Gravitational governors


Pyro is a Main Sequence Flare-M star.


Pyro I

A dwarf planet charred black from the constant, violent solar flares of the system's star.[3]

Pyro II

A coreless planet that once held significant mineral deposits, a "metal rush" quickly picked the planet clean and left it an empty husk.[4]

Pyro III

Scientists speculate that this terrestrial planet survived a collision with pieces of the planet-sized body that knocked Pyro IV out of its orbit.[5]

Pyro IV

A rocky protoplanet that has been mined clean. Knocked out of orbit by a celestial body of equal mass, it is slowly being pulled into Pyro V.[6]

Pyro V

Pyro V is a massive yellow and green gas giant that's slowly pulling Pyro IV into its orbit. The poor hydrogen mix in its upper atmosphere makes it a less than ideal refuelling spot.[7]

Pyro VI

This protoplanet suffers little damage from Pyro's distant star. Gold Horizon planned to terraform Pyro VI, but abandoned when it became clear that there was no reasonable terraformation to be done.[8] The orbiting Ruin Station is populated with Pyro's only permanent inhabitants (mostly pirates).[1]

Asteroid belts

Akiro Cluster

A charred cluster of blackened asteroids. While mostly worthless, some rare materials can be found here.[9]

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Pyro - Hadrian Bidirectional Small Hadrian system
Pyro - Terra Bidirectional Small Terra system
Pyro - Oso Bidirectional Small Oso system
Pyro - Cano Bidirectional Small Cano system
Pyro - Stanton Bidirectional Medium Stanton system
Pyro - Nyx Bidirectional Medium Nyx system
Pyro - Castra Bidirectional Large Castra system


Broken Moon.jpg


  • Pyro is the second system that will be added to The Persistent Universe.

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy



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