Pyro II

Terrestrial Rocky in the Pyro system
Pyro-II-ISC-2020-06-18 02.jpg
Pyro II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationUnclaimed space
Pyro system
└─ Orbiting Pyro (star)

Pyro II is a coreless planet that will, in time, fall into its star. During initial exploration of the system, Pyro II became a major focus as the planet appeared to yield significant deposits of cadmium, titanium and gravity-forged gemstones. This instigated a minor "metal rush" which saw human trade ships quickly deplete the planet of these deposits. Within five years, the world had for all intensive purposes, become an empty husk.[1][2]


During the ongoing development of the Pyro system in 2020, it was decided to reassess the planet's surface composition. Originally labeled as a coreless "dead husk" stripped clean by a metal rush,[1] ongoing development revealed that the planet may still be full of resources.[3]



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