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External development studio
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Firesprite is an external studio that has collaborated closely with Cloud Imperium to develop Theaters of War and Arena Commander from 2021 to 2022.

Theaters of War features intense combined arms combat split into distinct phases, with teams of attackers and defenders fighting for control over multiple objectives on the planet's surface in the early phases with infantry vehicular combat, before taking the battle into the upper atmosphere for control of a facility in a geostationary orbit.

Theaters of War has several thrilling objective based scenarios, designed to simulate historical skirmishes before the current time in Star Citizen's Persistent Universe with high intensity combat between attacking and defending teams, lasting 30 minutes.[1]

The collaboration was revealed in march 2021.[2] but goes further back[3]

In April 2022, development of Theaters of War was transferred back to an internal CIG vehicle tech team.[4] According to Tyler Witkin in a spectrum post, the work with them has ended.[5]

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