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Abandoned Xi'an homeworld
ClassificationSmog Planet
LocationHyoton III

RyiXy'an ( SRX, literally Cradle of Xi'an; kyexiin: 9ryi9xyan2; )[1] also known as Hyoton III , is the homeworld of the Xi'an race.[2][3] The planet's atmosphere was destroyed in a civil war in 19755 BCE.[3] The name can also be written as RyiX'yan in Standard Romanised Xi'an[4][5].


The atmosphere was destroyed in the civil war in 19755 BCE,[3][4] when House Kl.o attempted to assassinate the leadership of Houses Chii, Ru'a and Uai'i by sabotaging weather satellites. This rendered the world an uninhabitable smog planet, as it remains to this day.


The planet's flora and fauna was described as a 'lush' tropical world with a hot and humid climate.[6] It was also home of the later domesticated species called Yengi.[7] It has an orbital period of 1.28 Standard Earth Years[8].


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