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While playing Star Citizen, you may encounter a bug that affects your gameplay experience. This article will guide you through reporting a bug using the various tools provided to submit them.

Where the bug happened Where to submit a bug report
Star Citizen, Arena Commander, Star Marine Issue Council - Star Citizen Project
Issue Council (Bugs related to the bug reporting platform PleaseFix) Issue Council - Issue Council Project
Roberts Space Industries (website), Community Hub, Galactapedia, Minigames, Roadmap, Spectrum, Starmap,Telemetry Spectrum - Spectrum Feedback sub-forum

Feedback such as thoughts on balancing, suggestions and feature requests should be posted in the appropriate pinned thread or sub-forum on Spectrum.

Platform Where to post feedback
Star Citizen Spectrum - Feedback sub-forumSpectrum - Game Ideas sub-forum
Community Hub Spectrum - Community Hub Feedback
Issue Council Spectrum - Issue Council Feedback

Reporting bugs from Star Citizen Persistent Universe, Arena Commander, Star Marine

Before creating a bug report, check the Knowledge Base for Known Issues as a workaround may be provided.

Document the bug

If you experience a bug while playing, it is best to document what is going on to help QA identify and reproduce the bug. This may be done by creating a screenshot of the bug occurring. Pressing the Print Screen button on a standard 104-key US QWERTY keyboard will save the image to your screenshots folder which will be located at Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\screenshots. You may also create a screen recorded video using software such as OBS, Nvidia ShadowPlay, AMD ReLive, or Intel Arc Control. Including the Session Information QR code in images and videos by enabling it in the Graphics settings will provide CIG more information about your session.

Search for the bug in the Issue Council

Look for bug reports that behave similar to what you have experienced. Search using keywords such as the name of the ship or object that was affected. Use filters to include reports that are open, confirmed, under investigation, and fixed. Use search operators as needed.

Ask #sc-testing-chat if you are having trouble finding a suitable report.

Issue Council Search Operators
Effect Search Operator
Exact term quotation marks: "word"
Exclude term hyphen: -word
Prefix terms with this at the start – asterisk: word*
And Both terms - plus symbol: word1 + word2
Or either term - vertical pipe: word1 | word2
Prioritize Like arithmetic - Parenthesis: (word1 | word2) + word3
Variation Similar terms - Tilde: hanger~
Create a bug report

If none of the bugs listed describes the bug you have encountered, you can report a new issue. Creating the reproduction steps is important as this will help QA recreate the bugs themselves.

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