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A holiday is a day or other period of time set aside for festivals or recreation.[1] Holiday's existing in the Verse in different forms, they are sometimes overlapping with present-day holidays often in a modified form.

In the United Empire of Earth

Empire-wide holidays are:

Name Date Subject
Luminalia Dec 22-24 (Banu) Days when Souli barriers are overcome, family ; (Humans) gifting, family; metonymous: Christmas
Anthony Tanaka Remembrance Day Dec 3 Mourning Day for the victims of the Messer regime
Birthday of Abeni Okon March 18 First (extraterrestrial) Birth on Mars
Armistice Day May 29 Peace Agreement between Xian and Humans
Citizen Day October 10 Citizenship in the UEE
Coramor February 11 Story of Yuri Ilyin and Corazon Tan; Allegiance; metonymous: Valentine's Day
Day of the Vara October 27 Commemoration of the dead; metonymous: Helloween
Emancipation Day May 2 Fall of the Messer Regime
First Contact Day June 12 First contact between humans and another species
First Jump Day April 10 First successfull usage of a jump drive, discovery of Croshaw
Imperator’s Day July 12 Unification
Invictus Launch Week May moveable holiday; beginning of the new recruitment year
Pax Humana November 8 End of the Unification Wars
Red Festival January / February moveable holiday; Usage of lunisolar calender
Stella Fortuna March 15 'fortune' ; Holiday on Mars; originally celebrated at the conjunction between Mars and Earth



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