ICC Assistance (1)

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ICC Assistance (1)
Mission Summary
Priority Primary
Type Investigate
Series ICC Assistance
UEC Buy In 0
UEC Pay 2500
Start Location ICC Probe 849, Crusader, Stanton System
Mission Giver Tessa Bannister
Requirements None
Difficulty Easy
Faction Imperial Cartography Center

Mission Brief

ICC Scan Probe Assistance

The Imperial Cartography Center has detected an unidentified signal and requests assistance from ships in the area.


When first visiting ICC Probe 849, Second Class Junior Cartographer Tessa Bannister of the ICC tasks the player with investigating an anomolous signal. This unlocks 2904-UEE649 as a Quantum drive destination.


New Objective: Report to Probe

Quantum Drive to ICC Probe 849.

"Tessa to... random ship. Come in, random ship?

Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood. 2nd Class Junior Cartographer Tessa Bannister reporting in. I'm the eyes behind all the ICC Scan Probes in the area. What these little guys see, I see! Which yes, means I can totally see you... right now.

Anyway, there was actually a reason to why I commed. I'm sorta not allowed to leave my post. Important Jump Point scanning and all. So, I was hoping you might be able to help me with something. If you have a second, could you check out these coordinates? Scans are saying something's there, but can't ID it."

–Second Class Junior Cartographer Tessa Bannister

New Objective: Unidentified Signal

Quantum Drive to 2904-UEE649.

Fly straight ahead towards the largest asteroid in the cluster.

New Objective: Identify Signal

The signal turns out to be coming from a shipwreck being scouted by Nine Tails Outlaws. Two outlaw ships spawn per player. The mission can be completed by using the flashing red distress beacon found within the wreckage. It is possible to fly past the outlaws to trigger the beacon without having to engage them in combat.


"Hey Jenny, think you could head on back and whip us a cup of something hot? I'm about to pass out... Got a contact. Multiples? Let's see what their regs say. Not coming up. Forget the drink, I need you on shields now!"

Casey Vandalusa's Black Box

Mission Complete: ICC Assistance

"Tessa here. Appreciate you looking into that scan for me. Between me and you, I had been hoping we might discover a new life form, like a sentient rock or something. But, what you found was pretty neat too."

–Second Class Junior Cartographer Tessa Bannister


After a cool down of about a minute, when the player next visits ICC Probe 849 it will trigger ICC Assistance (2).