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Upgrading a quantum drive

Jump drives are ship components that are attached to quantum drives in order to allow the usage of jump points for near-instant travel between star systems.

Jump drives have the following characteristics: [1]

  • Recharge time: number of minutes between jumps.
  • Fuel efficiency: number of jumps without refueling.
  • Signature: easily detectable 'flash,' or silenced approach.
  • Damage: where hull damage translates to hits on internal components.
  • Quality: % of chance you'll have a flameout/failed jump/etc.


The first human to "jump" was Nick Croshaw when, In 2271, he modified his quantum drive and jumped through a wormhole into what is now the Croshaw system. Roberts Space Industries, spotting an opportunity, quickly developed their own jump drive called the QM-Core XII and sold it at exorbitant prices to billionaires and governments.

Two mechanics sought to bring jump drives to explorers, Tara Dilione and Alfonsus Carbrino. Working together, they researched jump drives and worked on jump ships until they realized that RSI hadn't developed a true jump drive, they had simply modified an existing Quantum drive into a Nick (Named after Nick Croshaw).

For the next 27 months, the pair worked, tested, and eventually released the "Tarsus" device in November 7, 2292. The Tarsus was capable of modifying any quantum drive into a jump drive safely and reliably.[2]


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