Jenk Gallen

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Jenk Gallen
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2903-12-8
Role Freelance Hauler
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen

Jenk Gallen (born 2903-12-8 SET Lady of Mercy, Tram on Asura, Ferron System) is a freelance hauler. He is known for beeing arrested by the Xi’an (August 2943 - November 2943), which lead to diplomatic tensions between UEE and Xi’an in 2943.

Early life

Gallen was born in the slums of Tram. His parents are unknown.[1][2] Gallen was sold to local slumlord called Carlo Yenn before 2912.[2] He worked for him as a drug runner since 2912 until Yenn dies under unknown cirumstances.[2] He became addicted to a drug called WiDoW. In his criminal career he served 10 years (summarized) for assault and burglary in prisons on Ferron, Davien and Croshaw before 2930 and never attended Equivalency in this time. He had no charges after his last parole in 2930.[1] In this time he made a "turnaround" an became "a devout member of the Fourth Sun Unity Church" and worked as a "ground-loader while attempting to complete his Equivalency".[2] He meet Ada Sinclair (somewhere between 2930 - 2934), possibly a educational aide at his local school [2] and Equivalency councelor.[1] He successfully passed his Equivalency in 2934 and worked as a freelance hauler and contract pilot since then.[1][2] He married Ada Sinclair before 2934.

Diplomatic Incident

Gallen was arrested by Xi’an authorities for being a spy in August 2943.[1] Xi’an Emperor Kray refused a first demand to set Gallen immediatly free after Imperator Costigan speaks to Xi’an Ambassador Torsi Leelk.[3]

Operation Scimitar

Operation Scimitar was an operation launched by the Advocacy to fight criminality in UEE systems close to the Xi'an. It was a direct reaction of the incident. The operation should be a demonstration of strength, less about fighting against crime. It was personally approved by Imperator Costigan, High-Secretary Sharrad and High-Advocate Upshaw. Thomas D. Carmody, Director of the Advocacy said in a intern message: We want your agents to sweep their territories [the border systems to the Xi'an]. I want a full crackdown on any open bounties or outstanding warrants."[4]

UEE Military

The UEE Navy reassigned their border forces to Magnus for war simulations.[4]

Other Reactions

Host of Clean Shot, Craig Burton expressed his solidarity to Gallen, calling him a "friend of the show".[5][6]


After talks, primary to discuss military cooperation with Xi’an on Hadur III with participation of UEE High-Secretary Illyana Sharrad, Torsi Leelk and Attle Heehth, High Council Advisor to Emperor Kray - Gallen was set free in November 2943.


Gallen was probably arrested as an reaction to attempts of a group within the UEE Senate which wanted to contacting the Kr'Thak, the longterm enemies of the Xi’an.[7] It is unknown, if Gallen was involved in such an operation.