Krell system

System with 9 planets.
Quick facts:
Krell system
Krell system
? AU
Astronomical objects
Discovered in
2530 (after, known)

The Krell system is the Kr'Thak homeworld system located on the opposite side of the Xi'an Empire border with the United Empire of Earth (UEE). Humans have yet to officially set foot in the Krell system, and the UEE has had no formal interaction with the Kr'Thak, which is a traveling species. The Xi'an, however, have had a tempestuous relationship with them for the last seven hundred years, ultimately culminating in a devastating century-long conflict, loosely translated as the Spirit Wars.

Advice for travelers seeking to visit the Krell is few and far between. It is entirely unknown what goods they might be interested in trading, what they produce natively or which items they deem illegal. It's also unknown exactly how to reach them, or what reactions the Xi'an would have to a human traversing their territory for the purpose of doing business with their ancient enemies.[1]


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