Kyle Polo

Character in Star Citizen
Kyle Polo
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Senator (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Political Office
Office Senator
Years Held 2941 (or before) - 2946
Party Universalist
Constituency Angeli
System Croshaw system

Kyle Polo was Senator of the United Empire of Earth. (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys). He is most famous for sponsoring the failed Polo Initiative. Polo was not re-elected, he lost his seat to Sean Debinavi, a Universalist from Quinton.[1]

Polo Initiative

Senator Polo first introduced the 10% across the board cut in military spending in the UEE Senate as a bill (AD8-4329).[2] When it became clear that there was considerable resistance in the legislative process, Polo withdrew it from consideration and reintroduced it as an initiative.[3]

The Attack on Vega II and the increase in hostilities with the Vanduul doomed the initiative and it was defeated when up elections were held.

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