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Most expensive single purchase in Star Citizen
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The Legatus pack includes all ships either 'in concept' or released currently in Star Citizen, along with a large variety of extra items such as ship paints and personal equipment, all ships have life-time insurance.[1]

The pack is only available for purchase by Concierge backers.[1] Although, there are currently conflicting reports about which Concierge ranks have access.

The 2023 Legatus pack - Legatus 2953[a] - costs US$48,000. It can be bought using store credit, allowing players to 'melt' their existing fleet to reduce the overall cost.[2]


The Legatus pack was originally created by Cloud Imperium in 2018 at the request of the more hardcore segment of the Star Citizen community such as those who lead large player organizations, or who view the game as more of a lifestyle hobby consistent with golf or sailing.[3] As with everything beyond the starter package containing the game itself, the pack content is essentially a reward for the extra amount of money put into crowdfunding the game, each pack with its own tier rewards.[4][5] This is not additional content separate from the main game and therefore should not be confused with a DLC.[6]

With the number of vehicles and items in the game expanding over the years, the Legatus pack is regularly updated with new content and a new price. Initially in 2018 it was released at US$27,000, while the Legatus 2953 pack that released in the first quarter of 2024 contains among others 175 vehicles and is priced at US$48,000.[1]


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  1. Star Citizen takes place 930 years into the future from present day. The year 2953 conveys that the pack contains all ships released or concepted before or during 2023


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