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Player organizations

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Player organizations (also known as organization or org) are community-created 'teams' of players - typically known as clans, guilds, or those of the same nature in other MMO. In Star Citizen, these groups function as social hubs, businesses, criminal syndicates, mercenary companies, roleplaying communities, and in some cases, even self-declared sovereign states! Their goals, intents, play styles, and structure are all dependent on the nature and community of the organizations themselves as independent groups. That being said, it is not uncommon for organizations to meet like-minded groups and band together in various Alliances.

Organizations are still subject to area law, meaning that even while acting under the direction of an organization, authorities will still carry out justice on the perpetrator. All actions of individual members inside the organization directly affect the reputation of the org with NPC elements, be that in a positive way or a negative one. Criminal organizations are treated as a criminal player would be, meaning that doing business with them could directly affect other parties as well.


Organizations archetypes can vary depending on the desire of the owner of the organization. Some organizations operated with a more democratic governing structure, while others could be considered militaristic or even totalitarian. Organizations also have varying levels of requirements for their members involvements, varying from strict participation requirements with firm schedules, to more open, opt-in styles of game play.

Common governing structures

  • Democratic
  • Totalitarian
  • Oligarchic

Common membership styles

  • Exclusive : Members must list the organization as their primary organization, and commonly may not join other organizations.
  • Non-Exclusive : Members may join other organizations.


Organizations function as the in game version of guilds, clans, etc that are present in other games. Current progress of the system is a basic membership with limited roles available and no in game tags or benefits.

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