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Ships in Star Citizen may be purchased either with real cash, or in-game currency (aUEC). Ships purchased with cash are called "Pledges" and are permanently attached to your Star Citizen account. These purchases help fund the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Pledge ships can be bought as standalone purchases, as ship upgrades, or with game packages. The first option results in a ship being added to an existing RSI account, but it does not give access to Star Citizen (this makes it most useful for existing backers). The second option replaces a ship that is currently on an account with a more expensive ship while charging only the difference in value between the two ships. The third option includes access to Star Citizen with the ship purchase.

To purchase ships using real currency, see: Pledge Store


Ships have different availability for various reasons, set by CIG:

  • Always available - Common
  • Time-limited - Uncommon ships - put on sale from time to time.
  • Quantity-limited - Rare ships - Batches of ships offered for short periods.
  • Promotion only - Only purchasable through promotion offers
  • Not available - Certain alien or military exclusive ships.

All ships being earnable in-game on release, there is no need to spend real cash on them, unless you wish to support to game, and even less so any need to purchase limited ships on the grey market.

In game

Visit a ship dealer such as New Deal to buy your new ride in game.

Ships can also be purchased in game, using aUEC, earned from in-game activities such as Mining and Cargo hauling. These purchased ships are fully available for modification, painting, and destruction.

Ships may be purchased at in-game ship shops, such as Astro Armada, New Deal, or the Crusader Industries Showroom and may also be rented for some amount of time using aUEC.


Manufacturer Ship Base Price Astro Armada


Crusader Showroom


New Deal


AEGS Avenger Stalker 882,200
AEGS Avenger Titan 785,600
AEGS Avenger Titan Renegade 1,076,600
AEGS Avenger Warlock 1,155,500
AEGS Eclipse 3,490,000
AEGS Gladius 1,169,900
AEGS Gladius Valiant 1,429,800
AEGS Hammerhead 12,459,900
AEGS Reclaimer 15,126,400
AEGS Redeemer 8,675,500
AEGS Retaliator 4,031,700
AEGS Sabre 2,183,300
AEGS Sabre Comet 2,354,100
AEGS Vanguard Harbinger 2,050,500
AEGS Vanguard Hoplite 3,104,200
AEGS Vanguard Sentinel 2,012,000
AEGS Vanguard Warden 3,387,800
ANVL Arrow 972,300
ANVL Ballista 364,500
ANVL Centurion 287,400
ANVL C8 Pisces 400,000
ANVL C8R Pisces Rescue 918,000
ANVL C8X Pisces Expedition 406,000
ANVL Carrack 26,657,500
ANVL F7C Hornet 1,492,700
ANVL F7C Hornet Wildfire 2,246,100
ANVL F7C-M Super Hornet 2,132,600
ANVL F7C-S Hornet Ghost 1,654,100
ANVL F7C-R Hornet Tracker 1,832,100
ANVL Gladiator 1,954,500
ANVL Hawk 1,284,400
ANVL Hurricane 1,218,300
ANVL Spartan 255,500
ANVL Terrapin 2,568,100
ANVL Valkyrie 4,454,400
XNAA Khartu-al 2,113,900
XNAA Nox 349,200
ARGO MOLE 5,130,500
ARGO MPUV Cargo 224,200
ARGO MPUV Personnel 233,000
ARGO RAFT 1,853,000
BANU Defender 2,781,000
CNOU HoverQuad 88,000
CNOU Mustang Alpha 251,400
CNOU Mustang Beta 404,000
CNOU Mustang Delta 763,600
CNOU Mustang Gamma 627,500
CNOU Nomad 952,800
CRUS Ares Inferno 2,859,000
CRUS Ares Ion 2,859,000
CRUS A2 Hercules Starlifter 5,525,000
CRUS C2 Hercules Starlifter 4,925,500
CRUS M2 Hercules Starlifter 5,225,300
CRUS Mercury Star Runner 4,912,500
DRAK Buccaneer 1,410,100
DRAK Caterpillar 4,686,600
DRAK Corsair 3,402,000
DRAK Cutlass Black 1,385,300
DRAK Cutlass Blue 2,493,500
DRAK Cutlass Red 1,810,500
DRAK Cutlass Steel 1,355,300
DRAK Cutter 675,000
DRAK Dragonfly 272,700
DRAK Herald 1,181,100
DRAK Mule 15,000
DRAK Vulture 1,254,000
ESPR Blade 3,370,600
ESPR Prowler 4,248,200
ESPR Talon 1,854,500
ESPR Talon Shrike 2,259,200
GRIN PTV 5,145
GRIN ROC 172,000
GRIN ROC-DS 176,500
GRIN STV 12,000
KRIG P-52 Merlin 135,500
KRIG P-72 Archimedes 150,000
MRAI Razor 1,761,200
MRAI Razor EX 1,878,800
MRAI Razor LX 1,823,800
MISC Freelancer 1,697,600
MISC Freelancer DUR 1,967,600
MISC Freelancer MAX 2,181,500
MISC Freelancer MIS 2,537,800
MISC Hull A 1,375,500
MISC Prospector 2,061,000
MISC Reliant Kore 744,700
MISC Reliant Mako 780,000
MISC Reliant Sen 840,000
MISC Reliant Tana 870,000
MISC Starfarer 6,651,500
MISC Starfarer Gemini 6,191,500
ORIG 85X 574,500
ORIG 100i 654,000
ORIG 125a 791,000
ORIG 135c 839,000
ORIG 300i 767,200
ORIG 315p 882,600
ORIG 325a 944,200
ORIG 350r 1,602,100
ORIG 400i 6,352,700
ORIG 600i Explorer 9,475,100
ORIG 600i Touring 9,894,000
ORIG 890 Jump 32,294,500
ORIG M50 1,193,800
RSI Aurora CL 487,600
RSI Aurora ES 124,100
RSI Aurora LN 338,400
RSI Aurora LX 245,500
RSI Aurora MR 184,900
RSI Constellation Andromeda 3,548,000
RSI Constellation Aquila 4,926,700
RSI Constellation Phoenix 5,658,800
RSI Constellation Taurus 3,256,400
RSI Mantis 1,230,000
RSI Scorpius 2,879,700
RSI Scorpius Antares 2,890,167
RSI Ursa 70,267
TMBL Cyclone 28,086
TMBL Cyclone AA 28,086
TMBL Cyclone MT 28,086
TMBL Cyclone RC 28,086
TMBL Cyclone RN 28,086
TMBL Cyclone TR 28,086
TMBL Nova 546,027
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