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Vice commodity
MazeMaze icon.svg
Occupancy1 cSCU
Base price400 aUEC
Production stateImplemented
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Maze is a narcotic-acting tranquilizer and hallucinogen with a bark-shaped appearance. It is believed to be of Xi'an origin. Due to the high potency of the substance, an injection can kill a user immediately, as such the drug is typically ingested.

Uses and effects

"(...) a nasty substance that puts the body to sleep but sends the head to the stars. Reports indicate that Maze use and trafficking has been on the rise throughout the Empire."
Garret Colliga [1]

Since it affects the user's consciousness, leading to a near-comatose condition while the users experience hallucinations - some religions have implemented the use of the drug. The state can become chronic ('getting disconnected') and affected persons are locked-in 'until their brain decays.'[2]


Maze is designated a Class B substance in Crusader Industries and Hurston Dynamics Jurisdictions. Trafficking Maze will net you a fine of 8,750 UEC in either territory. Additionally, possession carries a 2,000 UEC fine while in Crusader's Jurisdiction.

Trade data

Last updated: October 20, 2019; 2 years ago (2019-10-20)
Location Buy Sell
Loveridge Mineral Reserve, Lyria 401.74
Tram & Myers Mining, Cellin 403.96
Benson Mining Outpost, Yela 403.86


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