CRU-L5 Beautiful Glen Station

Rest Stop orbits Crusader in the Stanton system
CRU-L5 Beautiful Glen Station
LocationStanton system    Orbits Crusader
TypeSpace station
ClassificationRest Stop

CRU-L5 Beautiful Glen Station is a Rest & Relax owned Rest Stop located in Crusader's L5 Lagrangian point.

In-game description

Located at the L5 Lagrange point of Crusader (Stanton II), Rest & Relax's Beautiful Glen Station offers a wide variety of shops and services for the weary traveler including: Refueling, Restocking, Ship Components, Ship Weapons, Personal Weapons, Clothing, Food, and Habs.

Gas cloud composition

Density (at Beautiful Glen Station): 0.01 atm
Element Name Amount
He Helium 50%[1]
H Hydrogen 50%[1]

Visitor information

Travel Map marker
Quantum marker
Hazards None
Control Jurisdiction Crusader Industries
Comm-array coverage
Armistice zone
Private property
Landing accomodation
Pads Small Medium Large X-large
Hangars Small Medium Large X-large
Surface landing Unavailable

Stores & services

Service Provider
Commodity trading Trading console
'No questions asked' trading console
Delivery handling Covalex delivery vendor machine
Repair, rearm & refuel Request on landing
Weapons & utilities Live Fire Weapons
Ship components Platinum Bay
Ship weapons Unnamed ship weapon store
Ship spawning Fleet management terminal
Fine payment Fine payment terminal
Medical Services Medical clinic

Food & drink

Storable items can be kept within your personal storage and consumed later.

Store Food
Hotdog store X
Noodle bar X X


Last updated with info from patch 3.7.

Commodity Buy Sell
Aluminum 1.24
Distilled Spirits 5.05
Hydrogen 1.03
Medical Supplies 18.1
Processed Food 1.39
Scrap 1.35
SLAM 171.63
Stims 3.45
Tungsten 3.91
Waste 0.005
WiDoW 123


Since Alpha 3.8.0, the quantum travel marker for the space station has been removed. The best way to access it is to fly towards the biggest rock and you will eventually see the station.



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